Spine Media is an audience growth technology company headquartered in New York City.

Spine Media’s technology - theBackbone™ empowers real-time data driven insights to produce powerful performance, based on predictive ROI. Our technology leverages actionable data through machine learning and predictive spend algorithms that amplify results, scale, and provides efficiency and automation to yield maximized results.

Spine Media was founded in 2015 by veteran advertising and ad tech executives. Becoming increasingly aware of inefficiencies in the publisher landscape, Spine Media set out to create a better, more efficient methodology. theBackbone™ was built to deliver unparalleled results, adapt to market conditions in real-time, increase productivity and efficacy of ad spend dollars, all while streamlining the ability to acquire the right audience for the right content and to the right advertiser.

Currently, Spine Media reaches over 30 million unique users each month across our five properties, with consistent growth. theBackbone™ fuels Spine Media’s advancement - by incorporating experiments to increase overall yield, scale for greater market share on content amplification and focus on the distribution of rapid ideation across integrated media channels.